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Why should I close Mobile Apps after use?


Smartphones do a lot these days, and often they can be doing a lot more than we realise depending on your app settings

Exiting out of an app doesn’t necessarily mean you’re closing it down in full; it may be set to check for updates or run in the background from time to time.

You can close down apps on your phone manually (in the app settings) or you can download an app built to close all apps at once, until the next time you want to use them. These ‘app’ or ‘task’ killers will allow you to close apps with one or two clicks.

Alternatively some devices (such as iPhone) allow you to do this through a specific function on the phone. To close all apps on an iPhone just press the home circle key twice and manually close the apps shown on screen.

For specific support please refer to your handset manual or manufacturer’s official website.