Plans and offers

What's the difference between a Plan and Offer?


On Prepay you’ll always have a “plan” which determines the default rates you’re charged for the services you use (such as accessing data, making calls, sending texts, ringing voicemail etc.).   All plans then have “offers” which give you better value rates when you opt-in and top up. If you haven’t opted-in to an offer, or have missed your top-up date you’ll be charged the rates according to your plan.

How do I get an offer?

To get an offer, you’ll need to text the offer’s opt-in code to 50104 or manage it in MyMeteor. You only need to opt-in to your chosen offer once, and can only have one offer at any given time. If you’re not sure when you last topped up, text “offer” to 50104. This will also tell you the name of your offer.