Using your phone abroad

How do I unlock my phone?


You will need to request an ‘unlocking code’ from us. This code removes a restriction from your phone and allows you to use a SIM from any network. To get an unlocking code, you’ll have to meet the criteria below:

Pay As You Go customers

  • You must have bought the phone from us
  • You have topped up by a minimum of €120 of call credit since the phone has been activated

Bill Pay customers

  • You must have paid more than €200 worth of bills OR 6 bills in total
  • Your account must not be in arrears or suspended by credit management

If you meet the above eligibility rules contact us. When you contact us we will ask you for your ‘IMEI’ code. This fifteen digit code can be retrieved by dialling *#06# into your phone.

*N.B –Sometimes the unlocking code may not be stored on our systems and we may have to contact your phone manufacturer on your behalf.  This can take up to ten working days for us to receive the code back from your manufacturer.

Once we receive the code back we will email it to you, so please ensure to provide us with the correct email address.  You can update your email address by logging into MyMeteor.