Set-up and techie questions

How do I set up my stick modem?


Follow the steps below to get connected to the internet using one of our stick modems:

  • Pop your SIM into the stick modem. Then plug the stick modem into your pc/laptop
  • The device will automatically install an icon on your desktop – click on this to open the web management page. (You can also manually reach the web management page by opening your browser, typing into the address bar and pressing enter.)
  • That’s it – all you need to do is click connect


Pay As You Go Customers - you have €3 credit pre-loaded on your new SIM. We recommend you buy a 24 hour daily pass with a 500MB allowance.

Passes give you the best value when using mobile broadband. If you don’t buy a pass you’re charged standard rates at 2c/MB. See more information on how to activate a pass.