Top up and pass queries

How do I purchase a pass when using a WiFi or HiLink device?


Buying a pass is really easy. You can either buy your pass through your web management page, or through the ‘Broadband To Go’ homepage. Alternatively, you can choose to browse without a pass (see more about that below).

You can purchase a pass in one of two ways:

1. Through Web Management

2. Via Broadband To Go


Buying a pass through Web Management

To get to this page, open a web browser, type into the address bar and press enter.

If you’re using one of our WiFi or Hi-Link devices your web-management page will look like this:

To buy a pass, simply go into the ‘SMS’ (or ‘text’) tab. Enter admin as the username and password.

To buy a 30 day 15GB pass text 30 day to 50104. To buy a 180 day 50GB pass text 180 day to 50104.

You’ll then receive an SMS to advise to confirm your purchase.

Buying a pass through Broadband To Go

The handy thing about buying a pass through this path is that you will be automatically directed to this page after topping up if you haven’t bought a pass through your modem’s software.


On this page you can choose to buy any of our passes or select the option to ‘browse without a pass. This means that you would be charged at standard rates which are 2c/MB. This is best suited for someone who just wants to check or send an email or browse for a short time. The ‘browse without a pass’ option is available on all MBB devices.


Step 1: Top up and open a web browser, you will then be directed to the ‘Broadband To Go’ homepage.

Step 2:  Choose the pass required or select ‘browse without a pass’ and click ‘Select’:

Step 3: If you’ve bought a pass, you’ll then receive an SMS to confirm your purchase

That’s it -you’ve bought your pass. Happy browsing!