First bill

What is pro rata and how does it work?


Pro Rata is a payment you will only ever see:

  • On a first bill
  • If you change your bill day
  • If you add/change an Add-On (outside of your price plan)

This rate is linked to the activation/change of any service on Bill Pay where the change occurs before your bill day.

Pro Rata billing is calculated by dividing the full cost of your price plan/Add-On by the number of days in the month, and then multiplying this amount by the number of days in between your connection date (e.g. the date you connected to Meteor/ date you purchased or changed an Add-On) and your assigned bill date.

You will receive a proportion of your plan to cover this period of time, any usage outside of this will be charged at the rates assigned to charges outside of your price plan.

First bill

If this is your first bill, Pro Rata is the allocation of your price plan given to you, to tide you over between your connection date and bill day. This means that we will only charge you for the amount of time you had to use your phone between your connection date and bill date.

After your first bill, you’re then given the full allocation of your price plan. It isn’t possible to give you your full allowance until this day, as your bill day determines the day you are given your full allowance every month in future.  Bill Pay works in advance, so you’ll always be paying your price plan in advance for the month ahead. Any out of bundle call charges from the previous month will also appear on your bill.

Change of bill day

If you choose to change your bill day, you will get a higher or lower bill depending on your new bill date.

For example: If your new billing date occurs before your next bill was due to issue, your bill should be slightly lower (as we will rebate you for anything you weren’t able to use for the days you paid for in advance on your last bill). There may still be reasons why your bill will be slightly higher e.g. – you may be moving on to a higher price plan/you may have higher call costs last month etc.

If your new billing date occurs after your next bill was due to issue your bill will be slightly higher (as you will be paying for a couple of days in between your usual monthly allocation). This will be a Pro-Rata charge, (i.e. you’ll be given an allocation of minutes and texts to tide you over until your new billing date).

Changing Add-On

The same logic applies for changing an Add-On – if you change your Add-On, we’ll credit you back anything you didn’t get to use on your next bill day. There’ll also be a Pro-Rata charge between the day your Add-On activates (which is usually within 24 hours) and your bill day, and a charge for your new Add-On for the month ahead.

If you’re simply adding an Add-On – we’ll activate your Add-On as soon as possible (this will generally happen within 24 hours). We’ll charge you a Pro-Rata charge between the time of activation up until your bill day, where you’ll then pay for your Add-On in advance in future.