My phone/sim is not working. What should I do?


First thing’s first – did you receive a new SIM when upgrading your phone online? If so – it’s possible the SIM isn’t active yet. You’ll need to contact us to activate this.


In this case you’ll need to check whether it is a SIM or a handset issue. If you haven’t upgraded your SIM card in a while it’s possible it might have worn out. You can test this by putting your SIM card into another Meteor handset.

SIM: If your SIM doesn’t work in the second phone this means It could be faulty. You can replace your SIM card in a Meteor store (and keep the same number). Please ensure to bring in photo id for verification purposes.

Phone: If your SIM is working fine in another phone, the next step is to double-check all the usual suspects:

- Is your SIM inserted correctly in the sim holder?

- Is your battery charged?

- Is your battery sitting correctly in the phone?

-Do you have service, but can’t make a call? If you haven’t topped up your phone in the last 150 days your number may no longer be able to make calls. You will need to top up to reinstate your service. Contact us to check the status of your number.

-iPhone users – have you synced the device with iTunes?

If there is an overall issue with your handset please refer to Meteor’s policy on returns and repairs.