Account Management

How do I opt-into an Add-On?


Text the Add-On shortcode to 50104, or sign-up in MyMeteor.

Your Add-On will activate within 24hours of sign up. Please wait until you receive a confirmation text which states your Add-On is active before you start using your phone as your Add-On will not be active until that time, and you will be charged for any services you use that would normally be included at the standard call rate.

Your next bill:

We’ll charge you a pro-rata charge between the time of activation up until your bill day where you’ll pay for next month’s Add-On one month in advance. Learn more about Pro Rata.

How do Add-Ons work?

Most Add-Ons last for 30 days. When you run out of your Add-On you can’t get it again until the 30 days are up. Remaining allowances also can’t carry over each month.