Problem Solving

Why can't I make an international call?


First of all, we need to work out if you’re set up:

Pay As you Go customers: You’re automatically set up with the ability to make international calls.

Bill Pay customers:  From April 26th 2013, new Bill Pay customers are set up to roam/make international calls automatically within 5 days of joining the network. You’ll receive a text message from Meteor to let you know that this service has been applied to your account. If you became a Meteor Bill Pay customer before this date, you will need to contact Customer Care before you travel to ensure that you are set up to use your phone when abroad.

If you’re fully set up to make international calls, there are a couple of other things which could be causing the issue:

  • Pay As You Go customers -have you enough credit to make the call?
  • Bill Pay – is your account payments up to date?
  • Are you using the international prefix before dialling the number?

If the above troubleshooting steps do not resolve your issue please take three recent examples and contact us. If possible – note the error message you’re getting, the time, date and number. We will also need to know the name of the network provider you are trying to contact.