How can I keep my voicemail secure?


Use a unique password:   Treat your voicemail like your ATM card and choose a password that only you will know. When you’re creating a 4 to 6 digit numeric password for your voicemail, don’t use 0000, 1111, 1234, 4321. These are easy to guess and make it easy to access your private information. Try to create something harder to guess, random digits that you can remember. Don’t use the year of your birth, or the same PIN as your alarm code- someone else may know this!

Don’t use the same password for everything: We know that it’s difficult to remember all of your codes, and that many of us simply use the same code for everything. That makes it easier to access all of your personal details like voicemail, bank and alarm if someone manages to guess the code. Be clever, use codes that you can remember but that are difficult to guess.

Change your security codes regularly: Don’t use the same password for years. Every so often, change your passwords. Changing codes regularly means that if someone has managed to hack your information once, you can make it difficult for them to do it again

Lock your phone, too: If your phone takes a lock code use it. Most phones now offer some sort of access code to activate it from sleep mode, if it does then you should use it. Not only can you access your voicemail directly from your phone, but you may also have email set up and be logged in to your social networks. Locking your phone keeps all of your information more secure. The secure PIN will also protect your phone if it is lost or stolen.

Don’t share your password: Finally, once you’ve created a good password for your voicemail, don’t give it out to anyone. It’s like giving someone your bank PIN.