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How is data charged?


Data is charged by what you use. So if you read a news-story, or download a ringtone – you’ll be charged in accordance with the amount of data it takes to carry out that task.

Data is measured in units known as bytes. The number of bytes you use depends on what you are doing.

A byte (the smallest measurement you’ll probably hear about) is the equivalent to the size of a character – such as a letter, number or symbol (e.g. "l", "1", ">".) This is a very small amount of information. When using a mobile phone, you’ll tend to come across kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB) when talking about everyday usage, or gigabytes (GB) when considering the overall volume of data you might use in a month (depending on your requirements). To break it down into the basics – 1MB is equal to 1,024 KB. Then, 1GB is 1,024MB.

How can I monitor my data usage?

You can monitor your data allowances by texting ‘balance data’ to 50104. You can view your call details by logging into MyMeteor.

Why have I less credit than I expected?

Watching videos or listening to music on your phone can eat into your data allowances quickly. These are services we recommend keeping an eye on, as anything that requires a constant source of data over a period of time will eat into your allowances quickly. It is best to access video based sources (such as YouTube and music/radio streaming) over WiFi to ensure you won't be charged

Managing charges

If you have a data bundle included in your plan, this allowance should hopefully cover your usage requirements. In the off-chance that you go outside of your allowance, you will be charged our daily rates. View Pay As You Go data charging. View Bill Pay data charging.

If you’re not on a plan with a data bundle included and would like to work out which one would suit you best - use our handy mobile data calculator. By inputting an indication of your daily data requirements, the calculator will estimate your monthly usage, giving you a good idea of how much data you may need. (this is only an indication and will vary by the device you are using).