Using your phone abroad

I’m having problems with my service while roaming?


If you are having issues with your service while roaming, check out the following troubleshooting tips:

Have you roaming set up?

From April 26th 2013, new Bill Pay customers (excluding Mobile Broadband) are set up to roam automatically within 5 days of joining the network. You’ll receive a text message from Meteor to let you know that the service has been applied to your account.  If you became a Meteor Bill Pay customer before this date, you’ll need to contact Customer Care before you travel to make sure that you are set up to use your phone when abroad.

Roaming can’t be switched on if there is an amount outstanding on your bill.

Pay As You Go customers – you are automatically set up to roam in a number of key destinations. Check your destination to see if there’s anything you need to do before you go, and make sure to read our Top Tips.

Do you have credit?

If you’re on Pay As You Go - check you have enough credit to make the call. If you've run out of credit and will like to top up, you can do so here.

View our roaming rates.

Do you have you service?

If you’re on Bill Pay – check your account is fully paid to date. If you have an outstanding balance it’s possible your account is barred. If you would like to query this please contact us.

Are you using the correct codes?

Check you’re using the international prefix needed for calling home - you’ll need to dial 00353, while dropping the first zero of number you’re calling (if this doesn’t work try +353).

Are you using the correct International prefix?

If making a call to an international number double check you’re dialling the prefix, and dropping the first zero of the number correctly.

Are you roaming in the USA?

You’ll need to make sure you’re using a triband handset. If your phone isn’t triband, it won’t be able to pick up coverage unfortunately. If you need to get in contact with home, you can log-in to MyMeteor , or the MyMeteor app and use our Webtext service. You get 400 free Webtexts every month.

Have you tried to Power-cycle?

Try switching your phone off and on again – this may fix the issue. If not, you should take the battery out of your phone while it’s still switched on. Where this is not possible (e.g. iPhones) please put your phone into airplane mode for at least 30 seconds, and then switch it back to general. This will perform what’s known as a ‘location update’ – giving a fresh connection to the network. When roaming you’re technically renting a service from another provider so we recommend switching your phone off and on again at least once a day.

Have you tested your SIM and handset?

Pop your SIM into another Meteor phone – if the issue continues, we know it’s not a problem with your phone, but your network set-up. If you have no service at all in the other phone it sounds like your SIM card has died. You’ll need to get a replacement SIM in a Meteor store when you return home (it’s free of charge, just make sure to bring in photo id!)

If the troubleshooting steps above don’t resolve your issue please take three recent examples of numbers you've tried to call/text and contact us. If possible – note the error message you’re getting, the time, date and number.  If you’re having problems it’s important to try and get in contact with us (from an alternative phone) while the issue is on-going. If you don’t have another phone you can call from, you can Live Chat online with one of our customer care team here.