How can I divert calls to another number?


We've set up your phone to forward to your Voicemail if unanswered. All calls forwarded to Voicemail are free of charge while in the Republic of Ireland, whereas calls forwarded to other numbers will be charged at the normal rate for that call. Your phone user guide has more details on how to use this service.

To divert calls, please input the codes below and press the call button on your phone.

X = Your mobile phone number
Divert on when no answer - **61*+35385(5)XXXXXXX# - call
Divert on when not reachable - **62*+35385(5)XXXXXXX# - call
Divert when busy - **67*+35385(5)XXXXXXX# - call
To clear all diverts - ##002# - call

Important: clearing all diverts will stop any calls being forwarded to Voicemail.

If you want to stop this service (so as your calls go back to diverting to voicemail) you will need to unregister the number you set the divert up to as follows:

To cancel divert on ‘no answer’ input ##61# - Call

To cancel divert on ‘not reachable’ input ##62# - Call

To cancel divert on ‘busy’ input ##67# - Call