Plans and offers

Why was I charged for a free call?


If you're on an offer and you notice that your credit is going missing, there are a couple of reasons why this may be occurring.

Your offer may not be active

If you're availing of a top up offer, and you notice that credit is going missing there's a chance that you missed a step in the activation process. After topping up you will receive two texts – one to thank you for topping up and one that confirms your offer has been activated. Please wait until you receive the second text before you start using your phone as your offer will not be active until after you receive this text and you will be charged at a standard rate for any services you use during this time.


Your offer may have run out

Double check whether you’ve run out of your top-up days. If you’ve missed this date simply top up to activate your offer again.


Free Meteor to Meteor calls

If you are on free Meteor to Meteor calls you will need to hang up and redial the call after 59 minutes. This is covered in the terms and conditions of service.



Your regular plan does not cover usage while roaming. This means that offers such as ‘free calls and texts’/’free texts to any network’ do not apply while roaming.



Calls to your voicemail may be charged depending on your price plan.