Account Management

How can I change my plan and/or offer?


If you’re looking to change your plan and offer, you’ll need to opt-in to your new offer by text, or online through MyMeteor. There are a couple of things you should bear in mind when changing your plan and offer:

-You can change your plan once every 24 hours.

-Offers can be changed at any time - however your new offer will only activate after topping up.

-We recommend changing your offer only after your current one had ended as you will lose any remaining days on your offer if/when you change to a new one.


Changing your Plan and/or offer by SMS:

Text the shortcode of the offer you want to 50104. If you’re not on the correct plan we’ll text you back advising how to change it via text message.

Once your plan and offer has been changed by text message you will need to top up to activate your new offer. You will then receive two texts – one to thank you for topping up and one that confirms your offer has been activated. Please wait until you receive the second text before you start using your phone as your offer will not be active until that time, and you will be charged for any services you use that would normally be included in your plan.


View our Plans and Offers section for more information.