Account Management

How do I change an Add-On?


To change from one Add-On to another (e.g. if you are changing from a 100 text Add-On to a 200 text Add-On), you will need to:

  • Opt-out of your current Add-On
  • Wait for a confirmation text to advise you have been unsubscribed
  • Opt into your new Add-On

You can do so by logging into MyMeteor* or using the SMS opt-out codes.

Make sure to cancel your current Add-On before it is due to renew as otherwise you will be charged for your subscription automatically.

Your next bill:

When you change Add-On we credit you back anything you didn’t get to use from your previous Add-on on your next bill day. There’ll also be a pro-rata charge between the day your new Add-On activates (which is usually within 24 hours) and your bill day, and the charge for your new Add-On for the month ahead.