Set-up and techie questions

I can't connect to the internet?


We know it can be frustrating when you can’t get connected. Follow our troubleshooting steps below – it’s possible one or more issues is stopping you from getting connected: -

Do you top up your modem?

Check if you have any credit left. It’s important to understand our pass system:

Our mobile broadband works on a pass system. This is because buying a daily, weekly or monthly mobile broadband pass works out at far better value than browsing without.

After topping up you will not be able to connect to the internet until you select a pass or choose to browse without one.

While we recommend using one of our daily, weekly or monthly passes, we understand that sometimes you may not need if you use your broadband moderately e.g. - to check or send an email, or browse for a short period of time. However if you change your usage patterns and want to use more data over a shorter period of time we recommend you consider one of our passes.

If you browse without a pass you’re charged at standard rates – which are 2c per MB. If you do buy a pass, we’ll give you loads of data to use over a series of days.

Have you coverage on your phone?

If you have a Meteor phone, check if your phone is picking up any coverage. If your phone is working fine, there may be something wrong with your broadband SIM or device. Pop your broadband SIM into your Meteor phone. If you pick up coverage it sounds like there may be an issue with how your broadband device is connecting to the internet. If you do not pick up coverage, there is an issue with your SIM. Call into a Meteor store with photo ID to get a replacement SIM free of charge.

If neither your phone nor broadband are able to connect check our community for possible announcements on outages in your area.

Are you using one of our WiFi hotspots?

There are a number of steps you can check if you’re using one of our WiFi devices:

Is your device set to manual or automatic?

If you are using one of our older modems there are two possible connection modes on the hotspot. Sometimes your device is only set to connect manually – if it is, you’ll notice an ‘M’ on the screen of your hotspot device. (If there is an ‘A’ instead of an ‘M’ your hotspot is automatically set to connect to the internet.)

If you’re in manual mode press and hold the ‘connect’ button (located on the top right hand side of the hotspot) for three seconds in order to connect.

Check your WiFi range

There are a number of issues which may impact your WiFi strength:

  • Other users in your home may be running heavy applications which is slowing everything down
  • Your WiFi signal may be blocked by thick walls or ceilings, large metallic surfaces, mirrors or refrigerators, or your device may be too far away from your WiFi hotspot. Try moving your WiFi hotspot to different locations to see if your signal improves
  • Your signal may be suffering interference from other WiFi devices such as baby monitors, cordless phones or TV senders. We recommend moving your hotspot 2-3 feet away from these objects to improve your connection
  • If you purchased your hotspot from a 3rd party provider your WiFi network might not be password encrypted. We recommend checking your hotspot’s website to find out more information