First bill

How do Add-Ons work?


All of our Bill Pay plans include loads of minutes and texts every month, however we realise everyone uses their phones differently. That's why we have created a range of great value Add-Ons that can save you money.

Add-Ons give you extra minutes, texts or data to use at a discounted rate on your account. When you sign up to an Add-On it reactivates on your account every month unless you cancel it. To view our full range of Add-Ons click here.

Add-On activation

Add-Ons will activate within 24hours of sign up. We’ll charge you a pro-rata charge between the time of activation up until your bill day where you’ll pay for your Add-On one month in advance. The cancellation of an Add-On will come into effect on your next bill day. It is important to send your cancellation request at least 3 working days before your bill day runs as it won’t be possible to guarantee cancellation on your next bill day otherwise.

Changing an Add-On

If you change Add-On (within type e.g. moving from one data bundle to another outside of your plan), we’ll credit you back anything you didn’t get to use on your next bill day. There’ll also be a pro-rata charge between the day your new Add-On activates (which is usually within 24 hours) and your bill day, and the charge for your new Add-On for the month ahead.