Problem Solving

Why can’t I access Internet on my phone?


There are a couple of reasons why you may be having problems accessing the internet:

Pay as You Go customers: Have you enough credit or/ an active add on to access the internet?

Bill Pay customers: Have you service (i.e your account is fully up to date and not barred for non-payment?) and/or an active add on?

BlackBerry customers - please note you must have an offer which includes blackberry services in your add on. Otherwise, your blackberry data services will not work (whereas standard call/text will.)

If all else fails, check your internet settings. Note -if you’re using a BlackBerry phone and need to verify your handset settings you’ll need to contact us. (If you’re calling us, please do so from an alternative handset)

If you’re using a standard phone input the following settings:

(Note -where you input these settings differ from phone to phone, if you’re not sure how to navigate to this area please refer to your phone manual)



  • APN:
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password: leave blank
  • Leave all other settings as they are


If you’re using a smartphone, input:



  •  APN:
  •  Username: leave blank
  •  Password: leave blank
  •  Leave all other settings as they are


If you’re still having a problem please contact us. If you’re calling us, please call from an alternative handset for testing purposes.