Account Management

Why can't I see my bill in MyMeteor?


You will need to have adobe reader installed in order to view your bill in MyMeteor.

If you still cannot see your bill it’s possible you may not be using a supported browser. New MyMeteor is supported on Internet explorer (version 8 onwards), Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. We are working on enhancements to our mobile support at the moment.   While MyMeteor currently isn’t optimised for tablet/mobile devices, you can try and access it through one of the supported browsers.

If you have two bill pay numbers on your account your bill will not show under both numbers. If you cannot see your bill, please select your second bill pay number from the dropdown list. You should see the bill details for both numbers here.

If you encounter any issues outside of this, please try the following:

  • Clear your internet browsing history
  • Try carry out the action in another browser.

If you are still unable to view your bill please contact us.